A thank you note

I am thankful  to my dearest friend who pushed me extra mile to get my dream come true, and that dream would be owning my own blog. Well! I got a little more than I had dream of, I got “www.nija.com.np” .Yay me!!!

(You must be grinning right now reading this but please don’t complain if my words are wrong here even though I highly appreciate your editing. You know how much I depend on your expert opinion.)

  3 thoughts on “A thank you note

  1. Why would I be grinning? I am not… I am smiling (literally)
    thank you for the real sweet thank you note 🙂
    yeah, this post needs some editing bt gonna leave it as it is. not gonna touch my own thank u note 😛

    wish u all the best on your dream… i can see the rise of a great blogger 😀

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