baking hearts!!!

Never ever ever had I ever thought that my heart would possess tongue of its own.No such thing had I imagined, not even in my dream that my heart would be swarmed with zillions of taste buds. Irrationally generous or generously irrational was I to serve it a huge slice of my love that I baked for you. Every day I started, I started to bake, bake my love for you to feed my starving heart. The sugary syrupy savory taste of that love got jammed up on those stubborn tiny taste buds.

Soon they realized that smoky feeling when I was baking,  slowly killing me instead of healing. Then my heart refused to taste it, asking me to stop it. Many days passed by when my heart kept on starving .Hard for my mind it was to see my poor heart dying. Then it suggested to make some warm memories with chunks of laughter and happiness. So, I did! Made warm creamy memories, dropped big chunks of laughter and happiness ; filled the spoon full and slowly let my heart sip it.

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