I have one big crazy family (trust me, when I say crazy ,I really mean it).In this crazily insane family of twisted people(twisted at many places) I always kept my eldest aunt out of the list (not saying she is not part of my family but that I prefer not calling her crazy). I am writing this blog just to tell you a short story of my aunt,whom I had thought to be the most sojhi (innocent) soul of the family but the story my other aunts shared took me by surprise. Well I guess the saying “napatyauney khola le bagaucha” is super true.

We have to get into time travelling machine and travel may be some 50 years back, when my aunt was just in her teens. Before beginning the story, let me give you a brief intro about her; she is real quite and gentle ,really sweet natured lady and
“atti nai sojhi”. Whenever I asked her how she met Uncle (her husband), she used to just give us a bright smile and nothing more. But oneday I insisted my other aunts to spill out the mystery about her smile.

As my other aunt says,”Back in those days, we had our own specific thaals(plates) for dinner.Didi (my eldest aunt) had golden(not really gold) thaal which she never shared with us.But one night while serving dinner she says to us-“From today on you can have this thaal.” We were very happy to get to eat in that particular thaal. After dinner all of us went to sleep. Next day early morning, our mom woke us up and shouted at us. What really had happened was, Didi had eloped with her lover.That took all of us by surprise.One of the neighbour had warned mom earlier about her being in affair  but like us mom was pretty sure about her daughter and refused to believe the neighbours’ word.”

Hearing this we were super dooper surprised. It was hard for us to believe that my sojhi aunt would elope and too hard to believe my uber sojho uncle would be so brave to make their love story happen. Seeing them together makes me want to have their type of love. Hope I as well get some brave hearted man to swipe me off my feet and carry me away. Won’t it be romantic? 😛

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