your kind of music

You say you will never fall in love again, that you had enough share of rough patches on your heart to hold it from exploding. You even fake promises to yourself ( yourself is the only one you can make promises to when you know your best friend will not believe the same promises that you break overtimes). Alrite,let us not be that rude on oneself, you keep that promise, but for how long? Say seven months? Or may be a year!
Ta Da! Then guess what happens after a year. You meet a guy, just be friends (I thought the line “a guy n a girl can never be JUST friends “ was super lame but I guess it stays lame only till one of the heart starts beating in another rhythm… then you know how that story continues).Sooner or later you will notice the change in rhythm of the heart beat, the only question will be if it is you kind of music or not. Lucky if you love lazy Jazz and his heart beats in tunes of Jazz as well; but a tragedy if his heart starts singing cozy country songs.

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