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Hi, I am Nija Maharjan and I am a selfie-addict. Moreover, you can replace “am” with “was” as I am hell better now. Previously, I suffered with this addiction of clicking one’s own picture; at the beginning the effort was too much – I had to use the camera phone, bend my hands in every direction to get the perfect shot and only after many shots, there would be one good picture, no matter what the end result had to be “profile picture” ready. Back then, the term “selfie” was still not introduced, people used the phrases like “self obsessed”, “kaam napako”, “pagal kt” and what not. Now, the front cameras in your mobile phones have brought revolution in this “selfie world”, taking pictures now is a piece of cake.

It is really easy to identify the selfie fanatics; all you have to do is check their profile pictures, that album will be flooded with faces taken from different angles with almost same expression. I know this is sad but only few were able to stay safe from this addiction. To make it worse, instagram came into the scene; and hence making selfies viral. I don’t know facebook’s cover photo helped selfies or is causing much trouble; how it has helped? Well, if you are really confused which photo to upload among two best shots, you can make one profile pic and the other cover photo. Trouble how? Well, you cannot keep similar pictures as profile and cover photo; it has to be different. Hence, the trouble of going through all the tedious process of another great selfie when previously(before cover photo), one picture would have worked well.

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