All twenty six of them!!!


I have crush on the curves of the letter  “S” , love how the lines go up to the sky and touch ground and repeat again when you scribble “M” ,feel dizzy when I go round in circle and fall down when I struggle to make small letter “a”. Wonder myself why I love writing every word in lower case than the mighty upper. It’s sad how you have to put them front at the line of every fresh sentence. Not being more wordist (something like racist, alright bare me even if it is not a proper word),I would love to tell you my love story with not just one single letter but all twenty six of them! (I bet there is no such thing like one-man-one-letter). When I glue all those individual letters and they make some words, I stash them together and make sentence and seal it with a full stop. Sometimes, I put them all together in a bundle to make paragraph out of them. If the letters behave and are in proper manner, I treat them by making sweet stories.

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