Seriously pick it up !!!

While you are walking alone, you can entertain yourself by playing a game- a guessing game that will be; you can guess which brand of wrappers or simply plain plastic bags you will encounter on your next step. Trust me it is quite fun and you won’t know how soon you reached your home but be careful and stay alert about the vehicles as well. Well, this is what I did today on my way back to home- Kwiks cheesball , Surya churoth, Waiwai, Chatpatey-ko-papercone, kalo rang ko polythene ko chyatiyeko jhola, rato rang ko nachyatiyeko jhola, top biscuit ko wrapper and what not. Actually, the whole road was like big lengthy hoarding boards advertising all these brands.

Just to remind you, all I did was glance at those colourful plastic wrappers and just glance, nothing more; I didn’t dare ( care won’t be appropriate word here, cause I cared) to pick up those “fohar” and dispose it in dustbin. Even if I dared, there were no dustbins nearby, and I guess I am still sane enough to not make fool of myself carrying those garbage to my home. I am not trying to say anything to anyone cause we all are same. The interesting thing was when I reached my home, afnai ghar agadhi plastic paper haru fyalirako thiyo and I stepped in that fohar and entered home, smiling to myself.

Mangalbazar! The best hangout place ever (I bet everyone agrees on this statement). You and I , infact everyone of us enjoy the magical sips of tato tato chiya from the “plastic” cup and merge into endless guffgaff. The only thing that bothers me are the stupid people who are so darn stupid to leave the cups and not care to throw it in the dustbin. So, I humbly request  all to be a bit responsible about the place you adore so much.

Bagmati fohar bhayera, kehi garna naskaney awastha ma pugey jastai let us not drive Mangalbajar also in same state.It is just a matter of time, pahila kosley socheko thiyo ra Bagmati ko testo durgati huncha bhanera. It all starts with a small piece of wrapper you recklessly throw, that extra minute of shower you take, that extra minutes of electricity you waste while charging your electric gadget pals.

Everyone of us are aware about every single line people keep on preaching about environmental conservation. We are Mr/Ms. Know all! School bela we memorized every points on that topic, we passed that subject with high marks but why we no change our attitude??? Why we so STUPID ???

Not necessary that you go on picking on arko mancheko fohar but atleast make sure you don’t litter around.The best advice! Even if you don’t have this good habit, atleast make sure your young bhai bahini learns about this. Cause if they are taught about this, trust me the roads will be clean in next few years. You yourself think why would that be.

I grew up reading lines in my book, “baatabaran safa rakhnu parcha, jathabhabi fohar garnu hudaina” but never did anyone make me clean the surrounding , let alone punish me for littering around. If only I had developed that habit from young age, I bet I wouldnot have hesitated to pick the fohar lying on the ground…

P.S. If you catch any of your friend picking up wrappers on ground, please don’t tease them and demotivate them.!!!


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