say yes…

“marry me?” those were the words that made me smile.Well of course you were kidding then and I was aware about that! but that was really cute; for the fact that it was our second or third conversation (back in my head i was like- either you are too stupid to be saying this or boy you are too darn good at flirting :P).Thinking about those not many days that we had for ourselves now confuses me, I am not sure if I should be sad that we are not together or happy that at least we had our share of happiness.

Your words definitely hypnotized me and made me say “yes” every time you asked “marry me.” … No doubt we were crazy. The best part of the craziness was I was falling in L.O.V.E with YOU. We joked, we flirted, we talked, we laughed but I, only I fell into the beautifully decorated ditch full of love.

You were my prince with shining words(not swords).

P.S. No any regrets!!!



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