yomari in Sleep

Just about to get totally Vussssshh  when I hear “Nijaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa” and I wake up lazily. I think about pretending not to hear my name then again think about the wrath of my angry mom and I force myself to stand up straight in my two feet, open my eyes and walk to the kitchen.(Ah! sorry I forgot to mention the time this thing happened, it was short after I had my dinner at around 8 and made my way to bed ). I don’t know why  this tithi and sahit thing is so freaking odd, kahiley dui din bhaitika huncha, kahiley duita festival ekai din ma parcha… most weird thing aja rati dekhi bholi bihana samma yomari punhi re, I was all WTH?

Mom n dd was already making the rice flour dough all wrapped up cozily with the cotton cloth, then there was bowl with chaku melted with a small plate with water and oil on side. You might have the idea what was next… it was like belako na bela baji ney la… rati rati yomari banauna thalya thyo. I was so pissed off that I had to wake up to make yomari.Then again I thought, aja rati nautheko bhaye bholi bihanai uthnu parthyo, the only difference was aja 8pm ma banayo bholi 8 am ma banaunu parthyo. This feeling of “hya” was annual, it happens every year yomari punhi ko bela, bihana bihana nindra compromise garnu parcha, yo year chai rati nai bho.

I pull a ball of  white dough , make opening  in it, fill it with chaku and then make a yomari out of it.I repeat this again and again, my eyes get so lazy but my hands still working. Drowsiness made me spill chaku and make a nasty mess, my yomari looked as if it had not taken bath for weeks. I tired to be careful and then again I was forcing myself to feel sleepy.So many things were running in my mind… I remembered mera priya sathi haru saying “get me some yomaris” ; I am sorry but its really tedious when sleep is in endangered because of it (you will have to be in my place to understand). Then I remembered making endless yomaris at Apex Cultural Day as we had a stall there. We had made so many yomaris despite the fact that only few were sold, trust me it was not because they were not good but there was a momo stall next to us. You know the momo and Nepali ko relation, momo ko soup runs in everyone’s vein.

I was waiting for the white dough to disappear every time I grabbed a piece of dough. It was after making “Don’t know how many” that the dough finally disappeared and also “Batti ayo”. And then mero nindra khulyo, I hurried down the stairs to my room in full consciousness and grabbed laptop , checked the battery, then made comfortable sitting. The next thing I did??? I blogged! 😛 …

Note: Ani yomari ni khana paye ailey raati …  khadai chu 😛 😛

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