Waiyaatness Unlimited!!!

What the F??? is what you are gonna think throughout the whole movie if you have made plans on watching “DHOOM-3”. I give you my words on this. I wasted my early Friday Morning watching the FFF (First day First Show Free ma), I now believe “kei kura ni sittai ma paidaina”; jasari bhaye ni you got to pay for the thing. Likewise I payed my precious nindra for watching the movie. My cousin calls at 7:30 announcing that he got an extra ticket for Dhoom-3 at 8. I dint even had my eyes opened; I got ready and then walked out of my home.

I reached hall when the movie had just started. “huney biruwa ko chillo paat nahuney biruwa ko khasro paat”bhaney jastai movie was waiyat from the very beginning to the end. The bike stunts were too too tooooooo….far from being even a tiny bit real (it was not entertaining at all, I prefer the south Indian movies much better than this). The movie was full of shit, shit ,shit and some more shit. The only hope “Katrina” had a wee role in the movie with almost no dialogue at all. It would have been possible to watch the movie if it had dance of Katrina only; ah that reminded me of Amir khan’s dance, I was like “Why god ?Why???”

In addition to the totally waiyaat stunts and action shots, the story line was too predictable. My cousin and I was running ahead of the scene and narrating the story; the very first guess of ours being “Amir khan ko twins huncha” till the end bhabishyawani being “aba tesley haat chodcha ani dubai jana marcha” (I am sorry if  you had plan on watching ,I hope I don’t get any reaction for revealing the end part cause I had bad experience doing this.Yes, I got slapped! By my precious sarchana tata for telling her who was Masterchef winner). I was clapping throughout the movie, I guess you know why now, it was not because I liked the movie but our guesses were right.

I wonder who on their right mind thought Amir Khan was perfect for the role in  movie; well, actually its not just the actors who failed but whole plot was a huge disappointment on itself. The only thing I liked about the movie was Katrina, (Bichara mero cousin, he had to wait too long to just get a glimpse of the heroine.) Well, You will remember movies such as The prestige, Iron Man, Batman and aru movies when you see the movie. If I had watched the movie at home, I would have not known that Amir Khan has a twins in the movie 😛

I know our habit, kasailey naramro cha bhanera hami mandai mandainou, we do what we are told not to, we have to try it out ourself, dont we? I know you guys are gonna watch the movie.Well, the only thing I am gonna say after you finish the movie is “I told you so.” Even Amir has his say for the movie, “Waackkkkkkkkkkkkkk” !!!

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