So whats your new year ko resolution??? I bet you dont have any.Listing new year’s resolution and writing down( well i dont think any of us write it down for real, if you do it will be a proof and reminder of what you have promised yourself you would do, and trust me you wouldnt want that or would you?) The word resolution is only brought up few days before New years eve; it is a annual word, for rest of the year it is no where to be heard of. The resolution stuffs are like christmas decorating thingies, packed in big boxes and left in the attic to get covered with dust until your roof gets covered with snow( here I am talking globally, i know Nepala snow fall hudaina, ani also Aussie christmas ni snowy hudaina, anyway kura bujhey pugihalyo ni ,rite?).

I remember when we were kids(not that i am an adult now) me and my friend would get all excited and ask each other what our new year’s resolution were during our school days. Guess what our resolutions would be ??? Well I don’t remember at all but i bet it would have to do with ” iwillgetovertheguy” “iwillnotfallinloveshitthing” “iamgonnabedublo” or may be “iwillgetmuchgoodgradesnextyear” “iwillgethabitofstudyingathomeafterschool” … whatever the resolutions were, it doesnt matter cause it didnt matter then and neither does now.(i wrote those resolutions without space on purpose so that you skip it… now dont get back to it and start reading, tyo ni ajja dhyan diyera)

I was hoping to see new year resolutions glued all over facebook newsfeed but to my utter surprise I hardly have seen one.See, how lazy us-people have become, we are gettting away from our eve tradition!!! Well, here is my new year’s resolution -“Be HAPPY!” tyo pani always wala happy , duita P bhako !!! What about you ??? Say me …(i really want to know how lame your resolutions are, just kidding… I really want to know!)

Awh! Happy New Year my lovely hearts!!! Jhandai birseko.

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