thinking much?

I kept on listening to same song over and over again but I was not irked by the repeated song… then I realized that I was not paying attention to the single word of the song , even the music was just another sound in backdrop of my thinking act which had been going since the second I woke up this morning. I was so into my thinking that I had my khana too early than usual so that I could relax and think  without any disturbance (otherwise I would have in my mind that I still need to have my lunch and it would disturb my pure process of thinking). If only my stomach would support me I would even have my in between snacks and dinner as well at the same time while I had my lunch so that I could think whole day without any crick to my plan.

I have been highlighting “thinking” too much here and you must be wondering what possibly could be that important that I am so animated to think about that. Well, the thinking event has been organized by “MYBRAIN” in coordination with “MYREDHEART”; the event is basically a workshop and discussion among the designated piece of “MYBRAIN” and “MYREDHEART” in concern of “MEMYSELF”. All I can do is wish well that both the parties come up with a favorable and easy to implement conclusion for “MEMYSELF”.

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