Dear you,

It would be unfair to my heart to trap you in the chambers and lock you inside. I remember you saying you would eat me from inside if I lock you there. That scares me, the thought that you would hurt me and kill me starting with my heart. I was naïve to think you and your voice would light up the darkness and make my heart warm even after you will disappear from my sight. I am ready for the goodbyes, trust me I really am but I am still not ready to let you go. I am still feeble, still crazy and still lost in the idea of loving you endlessly, infinity times infinity.

You just LikE me a lot and I LovE you a lot. Even though those four lettered words begin with same letter “L” and end with same letter “E”, it doesn’t mean the same, the tiny alphabets in between just twist the total meaning of those words. Darn the letters! Being the nasty villains.  Well, they don’t change my way and you know more than anyone else. I just love the idea of loving you. I don’t need sweet perfumed love letters every day, or those big heart shaped brown chocolates and bunch of blue flowers on every Valentine’s Day. All I want is to think about you now and then, once in a while and not feel anxious about not getting another call from you ever again. I will definitely miss arguing with you, hearing what you have to say and pretend not to agree with you even when you are right. I will miss you annoy me and burn me with jealousy…I will miss everything!

I want to cry my heart out (like really loud and flow buckets of tears), the heart gives me unbearable pain sometimes and it makes me want to break down. Just then I close my eyes, see the bright blackness, remember you tease me saying I was too weak and a crybaby; then I smile and the eyelids hold the tears that gravity tries hard to drop down my face.(Man! you don’t even let me be sad and heartbroken in peace. You are really mean.)

You made me feel better, live for myself and love myself. Now that I think, you prepared me to be better for the love I have been waiting for (darn, he will be one hell of a lucky guy…boy, how I wish you were that lucky). If only I were to run this world, this place would be one heck of a fairy land! I would have cupid instead of presidents, hitting everyone with arrow of love (Shooooooooshhhhhh… you fall in love and live happily ever after :P). Well, too bad this won’t happen or else I wouldn’t have to write this  and you wouldn’t have to read this.

P.S. You were my warmest hello!!!

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