Kupondole ko bato

It may sound silly but I love the route from Ratnapark to Kumaripati, the best part would start after the gaadi crosses thapathali ko bridge. As soon as Kupondole, the avenue of boutique begins my head along with my eye gets all alert. Just like a kid in a candy store gets all dazzled by the bright color candies and chocolate bars, I get all excited to see those displays in the boutiques. The slim figured mannequins look drop dead gorgeous in those amazing designs- heavily embroidered sarees with lots of detailed work, plain sarees with graphical prints, beautiful kurthas with floor sweeping length and the stones that shine bright like diamonds are just too hard not to notice.

That three minutes drive in that street makes my head turn left to right and again back to left as I scan all those sarees and kurthas in both side(I try not to skip any of the stores). My friend used to drive real slow when we reached Kupondole so that I could get enough time to admire those designs.(that was a plain but a really sweet gesture :P). My head that acts like a bubble head gets all alert when the gadi reaches Kupondole height, many of you must have understood why.Yes! there comes the magnificient boutique of all times, the Odhani. Girl! They have the most precious pieces of clothes stitched together with all those blings and dazzles delivering a real piece of beauty.(Sometimes even color of those dresses make me drool and envy the dummy wearing it :P) I am sorry but I am not favouring the single store. Since last few months, other stores have popped up in the boutique hub with stunning designs but none does lure as much as this particular store.

Usually, every one turns their head to get a glimpse of the store unconsciously.I want to share an incident that really surprised me.Few days back I along with my few new friends were getting back home through the same route.And just as we passed Odhani, one of my friend says”Woooowwwwww…. Kasto ramro…” and I smile assuring myself every one admires those dummies. I was looking at new designs on display when she completes her sentence with “tyo store ma kasto ramro jhumaar… awhhhhhhhh”. I was like “What???” I have been spying at the store since the day it was there but never did I notice that crystal light balls and there she was ignoring what she was supposed to see and surprise me. I was like “Girl, are you for real?”.

Ah! and there is one other thing that always come across my mind when I pass through that road; I wonder where would people park their vehicles if one had to go to one of the boutiques. And there are other things to see except those boutiques; the colorful graffiti arts covering whole wall is one thing I never fail to miss along with the handicraft stores; Dhukuti,Mahaguthi and others.I love the occasional festive displays Dhukuti put up just like the white Christmas on one side and blue Christmas on the other that they had for this Christmas.

Whenever I look at all these shops with only clear glasses covering itself caging those lifeless models flaunting the best dresses of the store, my heart flutters a bit and my eyes get all greedy!!!


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