katha mero

My side of the story… I am well aware about the fact that there are always two sides(or may be more) of the story, I ve been told about this a million and gazillion times (the words don’t happen to pierce my thick ear :P). Call me stubborn or crazy, I always liked and believed in my side of story. Well, that’s what I am going to say… “my side of the story”, cause that is only what I know and you can believe is true as I narrate you the lines.

(I so want to start the story with “Once upon a time…” it has always been my dream to start my story with that plain classic line. I hope you bear my madness in which I find wee happiness hidden behind those plenty folds of my crazy country. And I am about to begin my story with once upon a time… I would like to end it in same manner, just to stick with the format 😛 )

Once upon a time there lived a fair maiden in a far away land. She had this pure heart dipped in all hues of love- RED, when she blushed; CRIMSON when she was in love; MAROON when she missed her love. She was the happiest soul though she had her heart patched into places to hide the hideous scars from the previous heart breaks. All day she spent singing songs of joy and dancing to its tunes, swinging her long lush raven black braids in the air. She was loud and she was clear; she talked to every stranger that she passed and spilled her stories; she didn’t notice she met the stranger twice and yet again recited the same story with same wideness in her smile, just the right amount of blush in her cheeks! She just loved saying stories.

Not far from where the girl lived, there was a kingdom separated by a river so wide, there was bridge built with the tallest tree of the forest by the ogres. In that kingdom, there was a busy marketplace which was never left alone; people from all land visited there. Right in the centre of the market place, there was a merchant. How was he? He was a man with polished heart, glittering in the midday bright sun. His heart was so bright no one knew the color of his heart, or what he held in it. Despite of this, everyone loved him; he was a kind and good man. Baggage of pain and secrets he held in that tiny heart of his, never did he let anyone move the curtains of smile from his face. His huge loud laughter tickled the ear drums making everyone laugh along with him.

Neither of these two souls were aware about one another. Days passed by and nights fell asleep, one after another… it was just that one touch of the cupid that both would see each other. The whole universe were waiting silently to hear that first words they said to each other. Not so long, one day when the girl was on her way to marketplace, crossing the bridge, the sound of horse galloping drew her attention. She just waited until that……….haha thank you for reading this incomplete story.I am so sorry.Dont hate me! 😛

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