I bet you know “that” feeling when you enter the wrong exam hall; you walk through all those benches to search your seat, your eyes fixed on those 3 / 4 digits of roll numbers with your mind set on your own roll number. You start worrying and get restless not to find your place. (You must be wondering where I am going to with these entire exam rooms n roll numbers. Well, I will tell you about it shortly.) Alright! Without further ado I will get to the point. This morning while I was playing with Shel , suddenly a thought crossed my mind. All these times i have had so many heartbreaks and complicated relationships, I did the same mistakes again n again never amending my ways (You know that story of spider right? Bachha bela padhya thyou ni, the spider who tries again and again to climb the wall even though he falls numerous times. Well, I took that lesson a bit too seriously hola, that’s why I never give up hope of finding my happy ending whether that guy be my mr.right or mr.left :P).

I reached to a conclusion on what I have been doing wrong; all I did was search my seat at the wrong exam hall and blamed myself for not finding my seat! Need I explain more??? 😛 Its like i have been searching Rapunzel in Cinderella ko story… Amir Khan in Dabang… all in all, the moral of the story is i have been searching my place in a wrong story where the cast has already been decided and there is no extra character, not even a guest appearance! Can you believe that?

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