don’t like stars anymore!

I don’t like the stars anymore! They look ridiculous in the sky, disturbing the pitch darkness of night sky. Ah and about the moon! I find it more disturbing, it changes its shape every night, darn the moon! Not knowing which shape it wants to be in (just like your heart I guess, changing constantly; in a pattern I can trace). You know how much I fancied the permanent white twinkly dots spread all over the black blanket like white pearls (I know pearls don’t shine as much as diamonds do but I like pearls, they are pure white all the time. Diamonds! They change colors; sometimes they are full of so many colors at once, it confuses me just like you do.)

I force myself to look at the stars (I cannot stare at them anymore, it makes me nauseous) just to try and find the peace I felt when I looked at them before. I see the stars, shining silly and less bright; same like my heart, weak and less red! Just as I get done with trying myself to love the stars again, I press my eyelids so as to get over that sight of silly night sky. Every time I see the moon I hear you say “Look at the moon. It’s beautiful.” How I wish I would forget that.

Shooting stars! I can relate them to you just perfectly. One moment I can see you (or think I saw you) and the other moment you are gone in a blink of an eye. One more, wishing on shooting stars and wishing on you is same! Both never comes true.

I am being unreasonable I know, tainting everything and every place with your memory and then cursing them now. I am sorry but I promise you that I will find the moon and the stars beautiful someday again. Someday! I will be able to whisper and smile softly at them just like I used to.

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