When you first said hello,

I didn’t hear your hello, instead

I ate your hello, I swallowed the word without breaking up the syllable, I engulfed the whole word. It should have reached my stomach to complete the normal process but instead it skipped the food pipe and reached my heart. On touching the muscles of my heart, it made my heart beat twice as much as it should have.

When you first rest your head on my shoulder,

I didn’t feel your touch, instead

I took a long breathe in, and collected all the air at that time. I memorized how you smelt, that right amount of faint hypnotizing scent of your cologne. Then I remembered the temperature of that warm sunrays falling on us. Ah! And that fruity scent of your shampoo, remember how you were nervous and were blushing when I mentioned it was a bit girly for a man.

When you smiled at me,

I didn’t see your lips, instead

My eyes were drawn to your eyes, those heavenly pair of eyes. You must think I am crazy when I say I felt the urge to kiss your eyes without you blinking and letting your eyelids get between. I wanted to freeze your smile, let your muscles hurt a bit longer just to hear that loud laughs your eyes were making; they were laughing so much I could clearly see tears already glistening in them.

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