poem soem

The first poem I wrote!

I wrote them words in middle pages of my chemistry note book

I passed the notebook while the lousy class was running like a snail

I let him read the poem, my first poem

It tasted horrible I knew,

Like a bitter taste of bad coffee,

Rubbing permanent bitterness to your tongue

The words were like scrambled egg in a sticky pan

All messy and confused

The words made no sense,

they did not belong together in a sentence

nor they looked good together side by side

Bottom line- “ The poem was horrible!”

Yet, he read the poem, line by line

Didn’t try to escape a single word on his way to nonsense

He finished reading my poem

And then he “SSSSmiled”

He didn’t protest, he didn’t say it was bad

He just “SSSmiled”

From that day I stopped writing poems,

I would never write again nor let him read them again

Cause I knew I would love that guy

For life…

Cause  I knew he would never Say “My poem sucks!!!”

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