I saw his ghost!

I saw his ghost in the daylight walking in the busy street jammed with people blocking each others’ way. His body covered in a black cloak, I could focus my eyes on his bright face; I kept on staring at him as long he remained visible to my eyes (even few seconds seemed forever to my heart). I saw his ghost ; but the ghost had sensed my presence before I did! His ghost swiftly turned around the corner and disappeared just like a bubble in the air.

The ghost of him was exactly ten steps away from me but I didn’t move fast to cross that nine steps to reach him. I just smiled as even his ghost decided that he was heading wrong direction and just turned around quietly without letting anyone know. My heart remained calm, didn’t throb seeing the ghost…my mind remained rational, didn’t make me do anything crazy (like running to catch the ghost or shout out his name so that everyone would hear except him).

I saw his ghost, just saw his ghost and only saw! After he decided to disappear out of my sight I kept on walking like I never saw his ghost. I turned my back to the place where the ghost melted into thick concrete walls; I didn’t turn my head to look back , I just walked carrying a faint smile in my heart knowing his ghost didn’t scare me anymore!

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