Almost two months and still a name would not appear in my mind when I would see pretty faces of my students( there is a reason for being specific with pretty faces…). I was really ashamed of myself for not being able to memorize dozen of names of my Grade ten students and then match them with their pretty faces whenever required. I admit it is my fault that I still didn’t know their names but I am not ready to take all the blame; the students with pretty faces are to take small fraction it. Well, actually its not that I am too lazy and too arrogant not to know the students’ name; I have asked couple of times and tried to remember them but the problem is the name itself. Well matter of fact, there are two possible reason why my brain is dis functioning; first the name changing trend and then the letter “S” which apparently everyone has faith on that their name has to start with “S”. Let me begin with the letter “S” … I ,oneday complained to one of my kids and said “etikai ta naam yaad garna garo huncha jhan timi haru sabai jana ko naam “s” bata aucha…kasko naam k ho thaha hunna”. She was smiling at my comment (also her name begins with “s” ). Then one of the junior student who was walking with me solves the mystery “ yiini haru sab jana le padhney padhney sathi haru ko name j bata aucha tei bata naam rakhchan ani SLC ma sangai huncha”. I was like “WHHHHAAATTT???  And WOOOOOOWWW!!!” all at same time. In my mind I was like “God you guys are genius.Is that the real reason or just a coincidence”.

After few days of not hard work I memorized all the “S” names  but I got mixed up with the pretty faces :P. And just when I thought I was doing ok with my kids and the names then I found out I had to make some extra spaces for their real names as well cause I only got perplexed faces when I used their “S” names to others, everyone knew them by their non-“S” names.

I don’t know what the real reason for the name changing and letter following  system but this incident so fascinated me that I wanted to share it.

(i have 14 pretty girls in my class and i guess 10 of them have names starting with their lucky letter “s”… and yes! surprisingly the topper’s name starts with “S” as well :P)images

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