Cheeni Bananas :)

“Gaun bata pure pure “chij” (not cheese) haru lyaidey” –that was what my fufu filled up my ear with two and half months ago when I first went to Melamchi to teach. “daal, gheu, bhatmas, maha…j j paincha ghar farkida liyera aijo” that was what she said but to her utter disappointment all that I brought back from village was “BananaS”. Well not just bananas but kilos and kilos of many bananas. I come back Ktm with kilos of bananas (they are so so good…it tickles your sweet tastebuds and makes it happy )…ah! they are not just bananas but the cheeni bananas (kati cute name they got :P)…It is pain in the air to carry those sweeties and travel back; it is thrice the trouble when you don’t get a seat to rest your air all the way but I just can’t help myself to carry them with me. No matter how much weight those cheeni bananas add up to my bag, I got the obsessive disorder to just snuggle them in my bag every chance I get back. The one you get in Ktm are no match to the chinis; if your favourite fruit is banana ,you got to try these chini bananas.Trust me! You will just looooooooove the cheenis.

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