pineapple ko katha ma mero betha! :P

I love eating pineapple, more than that I love the peculiar and strong scent of the fruit.On my way back to home I saw a cart with those pineapple with high ponytail leaves all arranged neatly. I so wanted to have some so I asked the vendor “euta ko kati ho ?” and he says “140” … I had to bargain, but the vendor was so freaking full of attitude that he got stuck with the price.(may be cause he saw how desperate I was in buying it…yes that was it!) So, I select a big headed pineapple and say “jun liye ni ek saya challis nai ho?”  “Ho!”. So, I select a healthy looking pineapple and hand it over to the vendor(i felt i was being cunning); right then another vendor comes and says, “yo hoina yo linu yo…ma chanera dinchu ni ramro tapai lai…ei yo wala ramro cha…khayera hernus”. I had no other option than to have faith on his wisdom on fruit cause I had no freaking idea how I was supposed to know which one would be better (man I am not a freak fruit doctor or any kind).I smell the fruit and agree that it was a goodone. The guy starts treaming the hard scales from the fruit body…he them makes cuts all over the juicy fruit meat. I said to my friend in amusement “kya fancy style parnu parney hai tesari katera.” Then my friend replies “that’s cause those eye things are pretty tough and not proper to eat.” Then I was like “Ahhhh!!!”

So my pineapple story doesn’t end here. It just begins now… I reach home , get all excited about the pineapple . I go to kitchen, lay my eye on the fruit and then I see that it was oooover ripe at places.I was like “arghhhh…”. In fear that my mom would complain and remind me how stupid I was I just sliced the pineapple into pieces and before serving to every one, I ate the bad pieces.It tasted so horrible.(now that I think of I could have just thrown away and not torture and taint my love for pineapple).

That’s pretty much all of it. I hope I get to eat fresh healthy watery juicy lovely pieces of the pineapple meat soon.images

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