the milk van.(dudh ko gadhi)

If anything was shining bright today, it would have to be my smile. Why? Because I was so happy that I was coming back home after (almost )two weeks. I had missed ktm so so so much. So, I carry my bag, wave goodbye to the kids and then get ready for the downhill walk to ride bus. Everything seemed so bright and beautiful to me today.I checked time in my phone…12 o’clock! (exact). I was like “#$#%” why did it have to be so exact! (cause mom always forbids me to get out of house at 12 saying it was a bad omen). But I ignored the bad omen and waited for a while.

As I was about to start walking, I was told that the milk van (dudh ko gadhi, I have no idea why it is called dudh ko gadhi…it sounds weird)would be arriving soon. My few fellow friends have been so much talking about this dudh ko gadhi that I was excited to experience “the”first  ride in it. I was hoping for a seat in front but turned out that the milk van was there to pick up a sick lady.I inquired who she was and found that she was a 30-35 year old lady who had chowmein shop near our school.She was carried into the front seat. I got a glimpse of her…her fair skin was all red, like her blood was boiling badly from inside; people said she suddenly got sick the previous night. There had been no health attendance or what so ever to make her better.

I climbed the trunk of the truck and hold onto the bars tightly as possible. I was excited,nervous and worried all at once.As i stood up in that back trunk and held on to those bars ,i pictured those hindi movies’ scene where riding like that looks so romantic with all those greens on side and fresh air blowing your hair right across your face(but in my case the hair part was making my face irritated and i couldn’t leave my hands to adjust it).The road was so freaking bumpy and bad that I had to grab those bars so tight my fingers were exhausted and my head was like “Oh my, why did I not just walk on my own amazing feet.” Just as I was having all these thoughts the van stopped. I just lowered my head and looked into the driver’s seat to see what had happened. Driver dai was splashing(not simply sprinkling) water to the patient’s face; the another lady was just calling her out and rubbing her hands. I was like “What the hell is happening? “.Bad possibilities were crossing my mind seeing how she kept on fainting on and off.I asked if there was no any health post in the village and the answer was “NO”.She was being taken all the way to Bahunepati hospital which was pretty far for emergency cases. I thought how unfair it was to the people leaving in this part of the country. There was no even an ambulance; the patient was carried in a dudh ko gadhi.(I was having trouble with all that rocky ride and I couldn’t dare what the patient was going through to add up to her burning fever)

I went to village to work on the injustice in quality education but I found myself witnessing so many things that were unfair and injustice to human life that I most of the times wish I didn’t know about them and could simply ignore the very existence of the problem.

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