grade six energy

He sits(rarely that is as I always see him standing) at end of the first bench, few feet away from the giant black board. I remember my teachers asking us to not roll up our sleeves but for him I say “khet jana lako ho?” and remind him not to roll the length of his blue pants. His light blue shirt is almost too small for him, not appropriate to tuck in. His face, he has this smile on his face that shows off his zigzag stained white teeth. The boy is just precious.

thats dawa smiling... :)

thats dawa smiling… 🙂

I was there in the class, I didn’t teach. I was bored doing nothing so I just sneaked into Grade Six where my co-fellow was teaching. He was teaching the kids passive and active sentences I guess; I was not paying attention to the topic as few of the boys just had me hypnotised. They had so much energy in them, as if they were high on energy drinks.


If you ignore the two shades of blue they are wearing and picture adults instead of kids, the scene would look like that of a stock market – stock brokers and buyers screaming. It is so nerve pleasing to sit on the last bench and see these students shout answers at the teacher; each of them trying to overshadow other’s voice, each wanting to be heard FIRST.


Now, getting back to the previous scene i was narrating; everytime the teacher asked for an answer, he would just stand up and shout the answer at the top of his lungs. He managed to write down the answer and keep up with the teacher and stand up at the same time. Not only would he stand up but also he had his hands raised, his arms making obtuse angle with his body. While answering, his little hands with his pen held tightly would almost poke the teacher’s eye if he was not wearing glasses (Sorry, I am exaggerating but he was so energetic).

The teacher asked him to write down the answer on the board (may be he got scared of the poking thing). The kid just lit up. He stepped on the support and started writing the answer. I just clicked! Then I was so proud of myself with the moment I had captured – he holding the blackboard which made him look so small.


If you find yourself in this amazing class, you will not be able to not smile. They not just answer one time but they will go like an echo, repeating. For example, if the teacher asks if the statements are true or false, they will go “True true true”… fill in the blanks with a,an, the; they will be “a a a” “the the the”.

Every class I stay to watch them, I find peace in those loud voices. My confusions, my doubts, everything gets drowned in that noise. I smile at their innocence, feel warm at my heart seeing them happy and together making noises.

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