making your solarsystem

I lay my eyes on the thing and then I was like “WOW!!! Seriously??? Man you are so good.Even more better than I am.(Usually I don’t like much when someone does better than me but right now I am so thrilled that I got second…well third actually).” She was so awesome. The model of solar system she had made was like “O.M.G!!! You did this all for five marks?” I took a pause and looked at the planets. Lemon(shrunk and brown, fresh and yellow), pidalu,tomato, vogatey. Now this is what TFN has been focusing on; i.e “USE OF LOCAL RESOURCES”. She had those planets woven in the cardboard like a beautiful embroidery with those yellow threads.
The next thing that struck my mind was “Girl, you are over-smart!”. She carved the “Pidalu” and made it look like a ring in the Saturn.10933175_10206078372427062_2027503224_n

A girl and color pink could never be separated. She painted mercury with her shiny pink nail polish.That’s the perk of being a girl.(No offense. I know this statement sounds stereotype)10913473_10206078383187331_452925289_n

Then there was another model.The duo of brother and sister had a model which was so wise. For the different colored planet, they had green raw earth tomato, yellowish orange tomato and a ripe red tomato.

I always hesitated to assign them a project work thinking it would be too much for them to get a fancy chartpaper or painting colors too make their work look fancy and nice. All this time I was dodging the chances of letting the students shake the creative corner of their brain just because of my own insecurity.I learnt my lesson 😛 even if it was at the end of the school year.

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