just the beginning

Chapter One
The beginning

“You HAVEeee to come.Please please pleaaseeeeee…pretty please!!! I am already there. I will wait for you.” That was not her request but command. They were not close friends yet; It was after just few meetings along with everyone but she felt comfortable enough to order him to meet.

“Huss. I will be there in a while.” –he replied gently.

She smiled as she smoothly slided her cellphone inside the front pocket of her blue jeans. She didn’t know why but she called him. They had never met alone like that, they were always with two of their other friends. She didn’t even for the slightest moment thought this meeting would be awkward or wait! May be she thought it would be awkward but she so desperately wanted to be at the festival.

Yes! The festival. It was not her first day though. That would be her (their) fifth day being in the same festival, with same people, same food, same everything. She just had to be there for some weird reasons of her only she knew (or even she didn’t know). Ofcourse the festival wouldnot have been affected with or without her presence but it was as if she had taken serious oath to grace her presence every single day.

She bought a box of juice and made herself comfortable on the sidewalk of the street in front of the shop. She didn’t even bother to clean the dirt before sitting there. Suman said he would be there in fifteen minutes. She was not bothered to wait there alone. She watched every stranger that her eyes could follow.She was making sips out of the juice box as if that was the last box on earth… small sips.

A familiar face emerged out amongst the many strange faces. He had that saintly smile on his wide lips that had contaminated his eyes as well. She kept on starring at him until she was startled by his “Hi!.” She must have been thinking why was his “Hi” dipped in sugary syrupy sweet smile. Not to look impolite, she replied “Heellooooo.”
“Did you go Tyagal? They got amazingggggggg live exhibits.” She exclaimed to break the silence. That was a stupid question to ask cause she knew he had not been there as they had been hanging out with same gang since the first day. If she had not been there, simply he also had not.

“That would be great. Lets go.” He was agreeing to everything she would say. He would smile with every reply.
She was like “myannn… you smile a lot. Do you ever like ever get angry??? Don’t you get bothered by people? AT ALLL??? Well… I am so so so short tempered.I don’t know why but I so so so get irritated at little things… but I guess its alrite cause I get calm soon… Ah, don’t you get bored with your work??? You spend so much time with your laptop. Are your eyes fine?Myan, you will soon be needing glasses… Haha…look at that statue…it looks so real.Look at its moustache… Today at work we had this meeting and there was wine for everyone.Myannn it was so good…I just had two glasses… Isnt it weird to have wine party after meeting? And ya! That too during day…my workplace is superweird!!!…Awwhhh look at those pretty lights… someday I ll have same kind of lights covering the sky of my backyard…it would look pretty hai?” Her conversations were jumping from one topic to another more than a crazy frog…as if every words had springs stuck on their feet.

And what he did? Smile! Yes, more smiles. She didn’t give him space to answer her questions neither did she held her breathe to look on her side to see him smiling at her. She just kept on going on and on and some more on. The smile on his lips was slowly sipping inside his throat down to his chest and clutch his heart. Yes! His HEART!!!

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