Monthly Archives: January 2016

Sparkles and Night

I always fancied night sky full of stars… I don’t have to explain how pretty and rich they look. But I can never stare at them for too long, why? I am scared of the depth of night’s blackness and overwhelmed by the numbers of those shiny stones. Well, despite of this weird thoughts of mine I still love those glittery madness. You know how some kids have their ceilings jammed with neon stars and it turns into magic night sky when the light is turned out? I always wanted one. I had a few neon stars but not enough to imitate the mystical night sky. I used to imagine and picture what it might look when I laid down on my bed facing the dark nothing ceiling of mine. Now I want you to ask me why am I writing this out tonight. Please please ask me why? First let me tell you, I was all ready to sleep early tonight and then one thing made me write this. I was already wrapped in the warmth of my blanket with phone in my hand. The lights were turned out already (wait… don’t get your head thinking, I didn’t have neon stars glued in my ceiling), the only light was from my cell phone. Then I noticed the prettiest thing ever, my dream night sparkling next to me. Confused right? I will tell you in simple word. So, what actually happened was, the silica mirrors on my cemented wall were sparkling in the dark because of the light from my phone. Those little glittery chips were so beautifully glistening… giving me the night sky I always fancied of.