Girl with the ugly boots

Finally, today I decided to get my new boots out of the closet and take them for a walk. After many days of hesitation, I thought it was time. So, out they went- my new shiny pair of amber rose boots (let me mention they are a size bigger for my big feet, I can invite two fingers more in my boot ).

I wished no one would notice my shiny boots but wishing this was no good. (It was more like shouting out loud and hoping no one would hear you: P). My friends teased my boots, added “the ugly” in front of its name. I felt bad for my boots but not for myself. It was not fair to the boots, only if it was a size smaller or if it belonged to someone else’s feet or if it was another color or of different shape. Suddenly, I decided I would love those boots, own them from my heart. I actually stared at the boots and assured I would adore it no matter what. While my eyes were in the boots, I thought about all the shoes in the stores that I would compare, try, eliminate, judge, comment.

I know all this sounds crazy but I got confident in those boots when I heard “girl with the ugly boots.” It felt like I had to stand for my boots and not just stand in them.

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