Type and backspace

I thought my mind made my fingers dance around the keyboards

Hoping from this key to that key

But “NO”

The fingers danced much faster than my mind thought of the moves


Left hand fingers and right hand fingers not crossing their boundary

Waiting for their turns

Like players in double badminton

Knowing the rhythm

Straightaway understanding  their turns


With no awkward pauses

Or awkward clash

Like a new shy couple reaching out for that sugar

At same time

In a coffee date


The keys in the keyboard being swiftly pressed

The screen exhibiting proudly the words

Almost turning into a sentence

But … NO!

THE finger rests on the backspace

Until the blinker eats all the words

Easily … silently…swiftly

It must not know I guess

After so long she sat down

To write

Got up all the courage to

Just write.

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