Let it all out

I haven’t been able to write for quite sometime now; its not that I do not have anything to write about but in fact there is so much going in my head and my life I could write an autobiography. After all those months of not writing I finally got my inspiration from a recent event I (moreover my body) went through. You might be either disgusted or find it funny.

For all people who have watched the movie “Piku” must have known by now what the following sentences will include. No its not Dipika Padukone or Amitabh Bacchan if your guesses were that. Congratulations if the word “CONSTIPATION” popped (not pooped) into your head.

I recently suffered for two days with pain in my left abdomen not knowing what was causing the pain. Like any intellectual human being I googled my symptoms and diagnosed myself. It said you are to consult the doctor if the pain persists till two days and if pain worsens. I had diagnosed myself with Gastric (or say gastritis) or kidney stone in the worst scenario.

So I waited until the end of Day 2 when I could not bear it anymore and went to see a doctor. I paid Rs.475 as doctor’s fee and I got assured he was experienced as the fee was of that bracket. After waiting in line and cursing the patients who took 15 minutes each with the doctor I got my turn. The doctor asked me few questions and while he was doing so he did not inquire if I had gastric so the non-doctor me suggested that the pain might have been because of gastric. He simply said “No. Its not caused due to gastric”

After knocking around the abdomen and my back as if I was a door, he asked me “When was the last time you defecated?”

“I do not remember.” –I answered. (who keeps record of it anyway?)

He scribbled a medicine in the page of my new patient book.It was intersting how he was jotting down everything like a gyani student was taking notes in a class. He told me the medicine would help me in the process and that you push it through the butthole and it would melt.

I got the prescribed medicine (somehow I feel like medicines are something you eat which in this case is not to be eaten). I opened the package and the thing inside looked nothing like a tablet as the doctor told me it would be. I looked into YouTube on using the thing, I was so mad at the pharmacist and the doctor as I was clueless.

Less than five minutes after using it I blessed whoever invented that thing. Even though I was only half relieved from the pain in my abdomen I was happy it was working. It was then I realised how important pooping was for us to remain healthy. I did more researches on enema and constipation. (I suggest you do too.)

I now consciously include daahi and green vegetables in my diet. Also turns out fermented food also helps in our digestive system. The most important thing is to exercise which I am currently struggling to do but I am getting there slowly in a snail’s pace.

I felt better after letting all out from my system; all those garbage clogged into my intestine bothering my health. That is when I thought may be my mind is not able to focus cause everything is jammed into my head suffocating my brain. I had forgotten my blog space was my enema. So, here I am letting the jammed thoughts flow out of my head, wanting to feel better.


(P.S. People need to talk about these kind of problems with at least their friends and family.)




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