k bhanney aba?

I so remember me turning all red when I accidentally met my aunt and cousins at New Road gate when I was with my boyfriend (it was when I was studying in grade 12). I still can imagine how I felt at that moment, like I was caught in a crime. I was so so nervous to answer when my aunt asked whom I was with. I was like “Ah, sathi sanga.” I was burning like wildfire, her wicked teasing smile and gleamy eyes made it worse. Lucky I was that she was sweet enough to not report that event to my parents though she did question me a great deal about him and his whereabouts then. I asked her not to tell that to my mom (I am sure though she promised she wouldn’t she did tell my mom, though mom never questioned me anything).Well, this is the scenario four five years back!

It was mush worse when I was in school. My school days were deprived of mobile facility, there was only landlines (tyo pani with mom dad ko supervision ma). All my kta sathi haru were afraid to call me at home cause dad was like “HELLO???” (In his meanest tone) and then when my friends gutsily asked “Nija cha?”, he be like “Ko boleko ? Chaina Nija!!!” If he were to find me hanging in phone for more than two minutes he would question “phone ma bhaneko chainey kura matra garna lai ho… k nachahiney guff gardai bascha”. “kati ghanta bho school bata farkeko? Eti chadai kura garney kaam parcha?” blah blah blah… (haha…samjhera ni hasuthcha ahile)

To be talking about the present stage of my life; my same aunt be like “jo bhaye ni ramro kta khojera boyfriend bana. Ali huney khaney khalko, gyani kta, intercaste bhaye ni kei chaina ailey ko jamana ma chalcha.” Just to get into her nerves I answer “koi chaina, khojdinu na ek jana kta… dui tin barsa ko lagi boyfriend ek jana khojdinu, man paryo bhaney chai pachi tei sanga bihey garamla.” Or if I really am in mood to eat her brain out, I answer “ma ta bihey nai nagarney bhaneko. kasto cha bichar? Euta flat kinney pachi, ani timi haru pani auu kailey kai ani party garnu parcha” Then she looks scarily (not really).

Even today, I asked my mama “mama malai gaadi chalauna sikaidinu na” and he goes “kina siknu paryo, gaadi bhako kta sanga love gar”… then he sees a sajha bus and he be like “sajha bus ko driver bihey gaar” (ah! I want to mention a deal we have with our mama, he has promised us to gift a house to whoever marries a guy from another caste and ghar ma mom dad le bhitrayena bhaney.). My mama was so mean from the beginning, as a kid I loved panipuri ani jailey ni Mangal Bazaar gayera pani puri khanthye and he used to say “yelai tei pani puri ko madhisey sanga bihey garidinu parcha… timi haru pani puri khana jau, paisa ni tirnu pardaina, timiharu ko jwai ta ho ni”

Well, I am sharing my personal events with you guys just to tell you how time and everyrthing changes as you grow. Pahila kta sathi haru sanga hidna pani dar hunthyo, had to be real careful about people seeing us together and dar of koi manchey le kura katla bhanney ani that resulting to mom ko etro lamo lecture on behaving like a proper lady. And look now! They are sad that I don’t have a boyfriend. Oh how they wish I was in a relation with a good guy proper to be their jwai!!!

I am surprised how the way my family treats(talks) me now and then contrasts so much.

BFFI… best friends for Infinity!!!

IMG_6209I don’t exactly remember since when my parents trusted me to walk home alone from school when I was a kid but I clearly remember holding hands of my bestie all the way back like every single day of those ten awesome school years since I had license to walk alone. She was there beside me every single day (except days when she was on sick leave, man! those were the days I was like, aja ko sanga ghar farkaney ), we used to return home from Patan Hospital tira ko side, ani since I was scared to cross the road, she lead the way ( with her by my side, I felt like no darn vehicle would come near me :P). It was till Junior level we walked that route, from grade seven(I clearly remember my teacher asking me to use “grade” instead of “class” whenever I was to say which year I was studying, I have no idea what is wrong in saying class) we opted the Lagankhel ko buspark ko way , there as well I had to cross the road, jun bato hidey ni I always had her around.Height, weight ma even if I succeed her, she sure is the strong one (can u believe even though she is little in size, man she is a fighter, she can hold both my hands with her right hand and wrestle me, making me beg to leave me free).

She was my best friend from the very first day of Grade one, oh wait!!! We will have to go few weeks back before that. I remember her from the very day we had entrance exam, she looked like an angel in that pretty white frock, short mushroom silky black hair (may be she had hairclips or band, I am not sure). It was like love at first sight, she is the first friend I tagged as my best friend even before I knew about being in that relation. The child in me knew she was the one, I remember every slam book I filled, have her name right after the words best friend, every essay I had to write about friend was about only her. I dint know then but now that I come to think, I was so possessive about her then (I am now as well :P) that if someone would try and come between us, I would just be so jealous. I was that stubborn kid who didn’t want to share the friendship. I just wouldn’t.

Let me share you a memory which she reminded me recently. The above words might have impression that I love her so much but the one incident I am gonna share might not totally agree the above story. I was appointed as class beadle(monitor) in grade 4, we were in the same class (every new academic session, during our assembly, I had my fingers crossed that we would be in the same class). I was like really loyal to my responsibility , that being to control the classroom, we had this ritual of noting down the noisy ones in a list and handing over to teachers. My bestieheart was like so sure I would not write her name that she was being so cool and busy chatting around.She had faith in me, but the monitor in me had her name in the list as well. She along with my other friends had to go to principal’s office the next day. Not only her but my other friends as well complain me being rude, but I clearly don’t remember myself being so.

I am really blessed to have her in my life and I am so thankful that she accepted all my craziness and loved me through all the seasons (everyone knows how difficult I am :P). Well, I am writing all these lovely words for her and do you know what? She has not read even a single blog of mine, not even the really short ones. I nag about that all the time but she still has not. BUT I am so sure she is gonna read this as soon as she finds out about this one.So, you can say this is my wicked strategy of making her read my blog (Am I genius or am I genius :P). Ah!!! i am thinking about the final fullstop to this but I still have not mentioned my precious bestfriend’s name. AKRITI SHILPAKAR a.k.a PINKY; nam to suna hee hoga, if not, now you have 😛 .

P.S. I love you infinity times infinity !!!


I have one big crazy family (trust me, when I say crazy ,I really mean it).In this crazily insane family of twisted people(twisted at many places) I always kept my eldest aunt out of the list (not saying she is not part of my family but that I prefer not calling her crazy). I am writing this blog just to tell you a short story of my aunt,whom I had thought to be the most sojhi (innocent) soul of the family but the story my other aunts shared took me by surprise. Well I guess the saying “napatyauney khola le bagaucha” is super true.

We have to get into time travelling machine and travel may be some 50 years back, when my aunt was just in her teens. Before beginning the story, let me give you a brief intro about her; she is real quite and gentle ,really sweet natured lady and
“atti nai sojhi”. Whenever I asked her how she met Uncle (her husband), she used to just give us a bright smile and nothing more. But oneday I insisted my other aunts to spill out the mystery about her smile.

As my other aunt says,”Back in those days, we had our own specific thaals(plates) for dinner.Didi (my eldest aunt) had golden(not really gold) thaal which she never shared with us.But one night while serving dinner she says to us-“From today on you can have this thaal.” We were very happy to get to eat in that particular thaal. After dinner all of us went to sleep. Next day early morning, our mom woke us up and shouted at us. What really had happened was, Didi had eloped with her lover.That took all of us by surprise.One of the neighbour had warned mom earlier about her being in affair  but like us mom was pretty sure about her daughter and refused to believe the neighbours’ word.”

Hearing this we were super dooper surprised. It was hard for us to believe that my sojhi aunt would elope and too hard to believe my uber sojho uncle would be so brave to make their love story happen. Seeing them together makes me want to have their type of love. Hope I as well get some brave hearted man to swipe me off my feet and carry me away. Won’t it be romantic? 😛