black corner

in the middle of fake lights
amid the loud festive crowd
overpowering fragrance of citrus
monotonous shade of orange


Fear sipped in my heart,
Like monsoon inside earth’s bed.
Spreads like a wildfire,
Burning all soul’s desire.
Creeps in my dream,
Shouts with a silent scream.
Follows my shadow,
In the day light I try to hide.
Stitch a smile hoping it would die,
Feeble it would lie.


The cigarette smoke stained words

Smell delicious like fresh morning

When its you who say those words.

Those tired bagged sleepless eyes

Look gleamy  and bright like sunshine

when its me who you look at…




Now and then

I walk today,

New day I might not!

I may lie on the ground,

Cold and straight, disciplined!

Not moving …Still!

That picture of me I fear,

Fear the most and fear of all.

I reckon writing this,

Remembering that will help;

Help me be the same me,

My own self that I am now.

Hope I will be able to see,

See my love with eyes closed.

Hold hand of my best friend,

Feel the hug of hers’,

Without stretching my arms.

Happenings in my heart

Like a gentle breeze you flow into my heart…

Tenderly stroking every chambers

Tickling them, making them laugh n glee

Making the feelings so exotic,

so defying it rebels against me .


like a hurricane you storm out of my heart

Thrashing every feelings that comes in your way

Boiling every single drop of blood in the heart,

Burning and tormenting it in the flames of your ego



I see love
I see it like a blind sees the world
Beautiful, flawless
I hear love
I hear it like a deaf listens to his lover’s voice
Velvety, soft
I speak love
I speak like a dumb sings a song
Quiet ,Still.