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what do I understand ?

He was a shy guy. so shy he barely spelled the letters L,O,V,E together: but when he did he made a strong remark about the combined letters, he stated “LOVE is absurd”.Listening to his remark all I did was keep quiet but in my head i would be like “ABSURD???harey bhagwan! what would that word possibly mean?I will google it as soon as he hangs up”.Then the second he hung up,I googled the word and be like “eh ! eso po bhaneko rahecha” . Well, intelligent you are if you already know the meaning but for those who don’t or are confused,I ll make it easy,you don’t have to go through trouble of googling it, this is what Mr. google says “wildly unreasonable, illogical or inappropriate.” But I still have no idea, what he really meant ; did he mean love is unreasonable or that it was inappropriate?. Cause if he meant love was unreasonable, it was he who was being unreasonable bailing out on a perfectly happy moments; and if he defining love meant inappropriate, it was again he who was being inappropriate to think himself appropriate to be calling love “absurd”.