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TO and FRO

I was on my way to Teaching Hospital, Maharajgunj to see my cousin who recently had an operation. (Sorry Krisha, but I was more excited to ride Sajha bus for the first time than seeing you, I know you are cursing me… I deserve it, I know but I guess you would feel the same if it was your first time on Sajha). Well, ignoring the fact that I waited an hour (alright alright I just waited 20 minutes, I can’t lie cause I had a strong witness) at Pulchowk, the green beautiful four wheeler arrived, I was nervous to see it (like it was the decorated car with my dulha in it). Then I make fun out of myself, listening to my friend and waving the bus to stop, not thinking that it was the bus stop and would stop anyway. Keeping my empty nervous mind aside, I step inside; then I look around and I spot an empty seat (just like my head, kidding!). I take the seat and try to act normal, when actually I was so freaking excited. I was so busy looking around that I later realized there was a TV, I felt like I was in a moving movie hall (well, I know I am over exaggerating but the experience was so special).

While waiting for the bus, my friend had asked “Do they still give tickets?”. I texted him “Yes, they still give tickets.”, as soon as the conductor dai handed me the pink ticket and moved to next row. In my head one song was playing on and on “sajha bus ma jo pani chadhda cha, … le dui rupya ko ticket katdacha”. I looked out of the window, trust me when I say the roads, footpaths and people somewhat looked different from the seat inside Sajha. I did not care the fact that it took me more than sixty minutes to reach Teaching hospital. Well, I had no idea what to do with the ticket, I reckoned we were to give it back to the conductor and he would tear it like in movie hall but that was not how it worked.(Thank god, I got to keep the ticket! Hehe… )

Then I went to see my sick cousin sister, I was telling everyone about my Sajha experience. What I had thought would be a simple operation turned to be pretty big one. Her face was all covered with white bandages, she could barely move her head. I felt sorry for her, it was hard for her to even speak. Since we were kids, I have always been a friend to her (I tease and poke her all the time, I know not how to be serious n grown up to her). Me and her other friend were teasing her, what my sweet sister did was replied us without having to speak. Despite of her sickness and weakness, she raised one finger for us (you know which!). After exchange of affection, I examined the room. Everyone had either their nose bandaged or their throat or head roughly covered with bandage and yes not to forget, a bag of drained blood connected to them. Well, I decided to bunk in with my aunt that night, just beside Krisha, yes! On the floor (cold floor, mind it but also mind it the floor was taken good care of, we (mostly my aunt) made a decent bedding out of carpet and blankets for the night. (Awh how much I love my aunt. :P)
The patient was no trouble, so we had sound sleep. Ah! I missed few other things before the morning happened. My friend Srijana who is a nurse there got me snacks and a novel for the night stay. (Thank you Sri!) I started to read the novel but had to turn off the lights when it was only 10. I must have looked intelligent with that thick book in my hand that I was carrying. For those who don’t know, I am much big fan of Grey’s Anatomy, I always talked hospital talks with Sri with few technical words I am proud to have learnt from the 8 seasons. Knowing that, she took me to her work place and showed me around. I was like, “Grey’s Anatomy ma esto hunthyo, eta kasto cha?” and blah blah…hehe, and I checked few doctors, man they are young! (but not as dashing as surgeons from the series)

Well, Sri and I returned back home together; make a guess which mode of transportation did we choose?” Yes! the one and only Sajha. The experience back was much interesting than the previous one despite the fact it was my special first time. All the seats were taken, so we were on our foot; then the conductor dai calls us in front “Dd haru dui jana eta aidinus agadi”. The next thing that happened was out of my imagination, he made the guy sitting in reserved seat for women stand up and made us have the seat, I was shocked. I was like, “Is this really happening cause I’ve never seen this sort of thing before.” I felt respected. I was impressed by the Sajha system, how it was abided by the rules. It made me see hope. How you may think. It made me realize, if there can be change in transportation system with all managed facilities, soon there will be day when the whole country will run smoothly like Sajha.
A great experience, 3 tickets (I took Srijana’s as well), a topic to write about and an optimistic feeling…my achievement traveling “TO and FRO” Sajha.