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Royal Shelz

xcI never thought I would have a dog, let alone love him more than anything. Even the day I brought him home, I had high doubts about me being able to look after him. He was just two months old puppy, quiet and cute little ball of black fur. I had thought about naming him Pastry, my brother called him Pi; both of us didn’t favor each other’s name. That time, my sister was hung with The Big Bang Theory fever; she suggested we call him Shelly after Sheldon Copper. The name “Shelly” seemed to fit him just perfect; that’s how he got his name. Shel, Shelz and Shelu – that’s what we call him. Presence of his Royal Highness Shelz in my family is a bliss to us. Even though dad didn’t want a dog in the house, now he adores Shel more everyday. Mom loves him more than us I guess, as she never complains like we do. My brother got another brother, he fights with him, gets jealous with him, plays together, brags about his little brother and loves him quietly. My sister – the dog whisperer loves Shel, it’s fun to watch her whisper to Shel (though I find that pretty disturbing sometimes). I watch him grow bigger everyday; how I wish he stays just as big as he was the day I brought him home wrapped with shirt in my big red bag. How much I pray that he fits on my lap just perfect when he rests, all cuddled up!