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As countless hours pass by,

The heart starts singing a new melody

Its red looks more plump and pulsating

That amazing shade of red I adore.

Every second of togetherness,

Each moment of breathing same gust of love,

Makes me want to stare more

And more into your face,

Skim all that face of yours

And see all that love

That- Smiles out of your lips,

Twinkles right through your eyes!


I assigned the students to bring samples of thallophytes, bryophytes, pteridophytes, monocotyledons, dicotyledons, roots, leaves in their next class. Everyone was so much excited asking me “Miss hamro bench le k lyauney? Miss kati wata lyaune?” Contrasting to this excitement few of the boys were “hami ta nalyaune kehi pani.” I felt a bit sad but I let the excitement of other students overshadow it.

Next day I entered grade seven, all drained out and tired. I see the look at the students’ face; I knew that look, I had the same look when I would not have the patience to show my project works to my teacher. Just as I say “Thank you. Sitdown!”, the girls in the front row starts arranging their desks and beautifully exhibit their collection. I was like “WOW!!! Seriously? I cant believe this. Everything looks so lovely.”


Then everyone starts filling up their desks with all their collections. I was so moved by their excitement. I took out my phone and clicked pictures (long live camera phones!)

I reckoned students will not be bringing the samples so I had onion, beans, maize, mushroom in my bag before I left for school. My collection looked so lame in front of the students’ amazing work. I thought they would not find mush room so I scratched few mushrooms that were growing near the gates. By the seventh period, those mushrooms were already cooked. Thank the girls, they had picked up mushrooms which looked so fresh.

the leu had tiny earthworm babies hidden in them :P but hey look how amazing everthing looks...

the leu had tiny earthworm babies hidden in them 😛 but hey look how amazing everthing looks…

I was so happy and proud of the class despite the fact that few of the boys had bunked the class. As I reached the boys’ side of the class, they were holding gigantic bunches of fern plants and root of maize.


awwh the smile!


The class was so much alive and fun that day. Everyone was paying attention and learning without their books open. I felt stupid for not having this sort of class much earlier. It was no much effort but the results were great. I hope I make them interested and love science. Fingers crossed! 🙂