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So whats your new year ko resolution??? I bet you dont have any.Listing new year’s resolution and writing down( well i dont think any of us write it down for real, if you do it will be a proof and reminder of what you have promised yourself you would do, and trust me you wouldnt want that or would you?) The word resolution is only brought up few days before New years eve; it is a annual word, for rest of the year it is no where to be heard of. The resolution stuffs are like christmas decorating thingies, packed in big boxes and left in the attic to get covered with dust until your roof gets covered with snow( here I am talking globally, i know Nepala snow fall hudaina, ani also Aussie christmas ni snowy hudaina, anyway kura bujhey pugihalyo ni ,rite?).

I remember when we were kids(not that i am an adult now) me and my friend would get all excited and ask each other what our new year’s resolution were during our school days. Guess what our resolutions would be ??? Well I don’t remember at all but i bet it would have to do with ” iwillgetovertheguy” “iwillnotfallinloveshitthing” “iamgonnabedublo” or may be “iwillgetmuchgoodgradesnextyear” “iwillgethabitofstudyingathomeafterschool” … whatever the resolutions were, it doesnt matter cause it didnt matter then and neither does now.(i wrote those resolutions without space on purpose so that you skip it… now dont get back to it and start reading, tyo ni ajja dhyan diyera)

I was hoping to see new year resolutions glued all over facebook newsfeed but to my utter surprise I hardly have seen one.See, how lazy us-people have become, we are gettting away from our eve tradition!!! Well, here is my new year’s resolution -“Be HAPPY!” tyo pani always wala happy , duita P bhako !!! What about you ??? Say me …(i really want to know how lame your resolutions are, just kidding… I really want to know!)

Awh! Happy New Year my lovely hearts!!! Jhandai birseko.

All NOW!

I pour my heart out all at once, like you will be gone the very next second, like you are gonna evaporate right now by all the heat from my heart. I am saying all those lines I want to surprise you with at our anniversaries, all now because I know you will not be able to stay that long. I am laughing like crazy even at the simplest thing(sometimes even at serious moments) cause I know there are only few times I will be able to share all our silly jokes and hear you laugh (you know how I love to get myself drowned in your lovely laughs :P)… I am showering you with all the glittery confetti made out of my shiny red heart now because when you will be gone… I will not need my heart at all!!!

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Waiyaatness Unlimited!!!

What the F??? is what you are gonna think throughout the whole movie if you have made plans on watching “DHOOM-3”. I give you my words on this. I wasted my early Friday Morning watching the FFF (First day First Show Free ma), I now believe “kei kura ni sittai ma paidaina”; jasari bhaye ni you got to pay for the thing. Likewise I payed my precious nindra for watching the movie. My cousin calls at 7:30 announcing that he got an extra ticket for Dhoom-3 at 8. I dint even had my eyes opened; I got ready and then walked out of my home.

I reached hall when the movie had just started. “huney biruwa ko chillo paat nahuney biruwa ko khasro paat”bhaney jastai movie was waiyat from the very beginning to the end. The bike stunts were too too tooooooo….far from being even a tiny bit real (it was not entertaining at all, I prefer the south Indian movies much better than this). The movie was full of shit, shit ,shit and some more shit. The only hope “Katrina” had a wee role in the movie with almost no dialogue at all. It would have been possible to watch the movie if it had dance of Katrina only; ah that reminded me of Amir khan’s dance, I was like “Why god ?Why???”

In addition to the totally waiyaat stunts and action shots, the story line was too predictable. My cousin and I was running ahead of the scene and narrating the story; the very first guess of ours being “Amir khan ko twins huncha” till the end bhabishyawani being “aba tesley haat chodcha ani dubai jana marcha” (I am sorry if  you had plan on watching ,I hope I don’t get any reaction for revealing the end part cause I had bad experience doing this.Yes, I got slapped! By my precious sarchana tata for telling her who was Masterchef winner). I was clapping throughout the movie, I guess you know why now, it was not because I liked the movie but our guesses were right.

I wonder who on their right mind thought Amir Khan was perfect for the role in  movie; well, actually its not just the actors who failed but whole plot was a huge disappointment on itself. The only thing I liked about the movie was Katrina, (Bichara mero cousin, he had to wait too long to just get a glimpse of the heroine.) Well, You will remember movies such as The prestige, Iron Man, Batman and aru movies when you see the movie. If I had watched the movie at home, I would have not known that Amir Khan has a twins in the movie 😛

I know our habit, kasailey naramro cha bhanera hami mandai mandainou, we do what we are told not to, we have to try it out ourself, dont we? I know you guys are gonna watch the movie.Well, the only thing I am gonna say after you finish the movie is “I told you so.” Even Amir has his say for the movie, “Waackkkkkkkkkkkkkk” !!!

yomari in Sleep

Just about to get totally Vussssshh  when I hear “Nijaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa” and I wake up lazily. I think about pretending not to hear my name then again think about the wrath of my angry mom and I force myself to stand up straight in my two feet, open my eyes and walk to the kitchen.(Ah! sorry I forgot to mention the time this thing happened, it was short after I had my dinner at around 8 and made my way to bed ). I don’t know why  this tithi and sahit thing is so freaking odd, kahiley dui din bhaitika huncha, kahiley duita festival ekai din ma parcha… most weird thing aja rati dekhi bholi bihana samma yomari punhi re, I was all WTH?

Mom n dd was already making the rice flour dough all wrapped up cozily with the cotton cloth, then there was bowl with chaku melted with a small plate with water and oil on side. You might have the idea what was next… it was like belako na bela baji ney la… rati rati yomari banauna thalya thyo. I was so pissed off that I had to wake up to make yomari.Then again I thought, aja rati nautheko bhaye bholi bihanai uthnu parthyo, the only difference was aja 8pm ma banayo bholi 8 am ma banaunu parthyo. This feeling of “hya” was annual, it happens every year yomari punhi ko bela, bihana bihana nindra compromise garnu parcha, yo year chai rati nai bho.

I pull a ball of  white dough , make opening  in it, fill it with chaku and then make a yomari out of it.I repeat this again and again, my eyes get so lazy but my hands still working. Drowsiness made me spill chaku and make a nasty mess, my yomari looked as if it had not taken bath for weeks. I tired to be careful and then again I was forcing myself to feel sleepy.So many things were running in my mind… I remembered mera priya sathi haru saying “get me some yomaris” ; I am sorry but its really tedious when sleep is in endangered because of it (you will have to be in my place to understand). Then I remembered making endless yomaris at Apex Cultural Day as we had a stall there. We had made so many yomaris despite the fact that only few were sold, trust me it was not because they were not good but there was a momo stall next to us. You know the momo and Nepali ko relation, momo ko soup runs in everyone’s vein.

I was waiting for the white dough to disappear every time I grabbed a piece of dough. It was after making “Don’t know how many” that the dough finally disappeared and also “Batti ayo”. And then mero nindra khulyo, I hurried down the stairs to my room in full consciousness and grabbed laptop , checked the battery, then made comfortable sitting. The next thing I did??? I blogged! 😛 …

Note: Ani yomari ni khana paye ailey raati …  khadai chu 😛 😛

Say me

Did I not stare at your name for so long or did I not listen to all your favorite songs on repeat…Was it the thousandth poem I wrote for you that did not rhyme or the hundredth song I sang for you that you felt mistuned…Ah! then it sure must be those mere words I painted in your heart that you did not feel, my colors and your rhythmic heart beat must have not have matched…



The cigarette smoke stained words

Smell delicious like fresh morning

When its you who say those words.

Those tired bagged sleepless eyes

Look gleamy  and bright like sunshine

when its me who you look at…




BFFI… best friends for Infinity!!!

IMG_6209I don’t exactly remember since when my parents trusted me to walk home alone from school when I was a kid but I clearly remember holding hands of my bestie all the way back like every single day of those ten awesome school years since I had license to walk alone. She was there beside me every single day (except days when she was on sick leave, man! those were the days I was like, aja ko sanga ghar farkaney ), we used to return home from Patan Hospital tira ko side, ani since I was scared to cross the road, she lead the way ( with her by my side, I felt like no darn vehicle would come near me :P). It was till Junior level we walked that route, from grade seven(I clearly remember my teacher asking me to use “grade” instead of “class” whenever I was to say which year I was studying, I have no idea what is wrong in saying class) we opted the Lagankhel ko buspark ko way , there as well I had to cross the road, jun bato hidey ni I always had her around.Height, weight ma even if I succeed her, she sure is the strong one (can u believe even though she is little in size, man she is a fighter, she can hold both my hands with her right hand and wrestle me, making me beg to leave me free).

She was my best friend from the very first day of Grade one, oh wait!!! We will have to go few weeks back before that. I remember her from the very day we had entrance exam, she looked like an angel in that pretty white frock, short mushroom silky black hair (may be she had hairclips or band, I am not sure). It was like love at first sight, she is the first friend I tagged as my best friend even before I knew about being in that relation. The child in me knew she was the one, I remember every slam book I filled, have her name right after the words best friend, every essay I had to write about friend was about only her. I dint know then but now that I come to think, I was so possessive about her then (I am now as well :P) that if someone would try and come between us, I would just be so jealous. I was that stubborn kid who didn’t want to share the friendship. I just wouldn’t.

Let me share you a memory which she reminded me recently. The above words might have impression that I love her so much but the one incident I am gonna share might not totally agree the above story. I was appointed as class beadle(monitor) in grade 4, we were in the same class (every new academic session, during our assembly, I had my fingers crossed that we would be in the same class). I was like really loyal to my responsibility , that being to control the classroom, we had this ritual of noting down the noisy ones in a list and handing over to teachers. My bestieheart was like so sure I would not write her name that she was being so cool and busy chatting around.She had faith in me, but the monitor in me had her name in the list as well. She along with my other friends had to go to principal’s office the next day. Not only her but my other friends as well complain me being rude, but I clearly don’t remember myself being so.

I am really blessed to have her in my life and I am so thankful that she accepted all my craziness and loved me through all the seasons (everyone knows how difficult I am :P). Well, I am writing all these lovely words for her and do you know what? She has not read even a single blog of mine, not even the really short ones. I nag about that all the time but she still has not. BUT I am so sure she is gonna read this as soon as she finds out about this one.So, you can say this is my wicked strategy of making her read my blog (Am I genius or am I genius :P). Ah!!! i am thinking about the final fullstop to this but I still have not mentioned my precious bestfriend’s name. AKRITI SHILPAKAR a.k.a PINKY; nam to suna hee hoga, if not, now you have 😛 .

P.S. I love you infinity times infinity !!!

… and then you appeared!!!

You stand right in front of me, flesh and bone but I think that’s my drunken hallucination.
I see yourself but now and again pinch you just to assure I am not dreaming. I hear you laugh then again look around if it is someone else. We walk together in the moonlight;
I see the grey shadows but still turn my head to check if you are with me.

Court Martial ; A poetic Justice

COURT-MARTIAL04-copy_20131127092210Tomorrow you go and watch the play !!! Just GO!!! (if I had the power, I could push you or drag you to the THEATRE VILLAGE)… Now you might have the idea of the height of “must-watch” I am talking about…

Well, I always wanted to go and watch a play at theatre since I don’t know when and mero rahar ko suruwat happened with an amazing play. It was just amazing experience, trust me it truly was.The theatre itself was a WOW place, like a part of an act. You buy your tickets(200,300,500- well I don’t really think the seating really matters 😛 except the seat, 500 ko ma chair types cha ani 200 n 300 ko ma bench, like school type) ,after the ticket buying step no.2 is you stay at the line, then “tyangggggggggggg” the bell rings(paley dai le school ma bajauney types) , and then you get to enter the dark hall. I was like a kid with chocolate in her hand (yay yay yay bhairathyo) with that ticket in my hand. I took a seat, then looked around, everyone there were excited (you could be as well , so gooooo and watch it). Then spotlight dhyangggaaaaaa balcha, focusing Mr. Rajesh Hamal, man he is awesome! Well , I am not telling you the story and spoiling your fun. To the start of an act you hear this song and do you know what happens??? GOOSEBUMPSSSSS… then you start singing along…Rato ra Chandra surya jangi nishani hamro… ( I always wonder why is this not our national song, national anthem is written all over the song :P). I see the actors- Captain Bikash ko tyo mandha muskan and his true self… Dactar Gold medalist ko funny acting … Major ko ki Kernel Rana ko persistent proudness … there are so many to appreciate but I would not miss Ram bahadur. Ram Bahadur was like a real person(not that they are not real) … so real that he made my eyes cry (I didn’t).

What surprised me was, each of the actors, even the one who had no dialogues were so absorbed in the character. I was cross checking the actors, every one was so so khatra actors. You know how every movie these days have item songs or any songs in middle of the drama. The play had two songs and I just loved it with all my heart; especially the line saying something meaning – all you’ ve got to do to search Nepal is look into your heart. I don’t know why cheesy lines make me emotional.The dialogues have depth in them and the social issue(I won’t reveal the suspense here) has been projected magnificiently.Nevertheless, what I am saying is the play is worth watching. Don’t miss this chance! If you ask me how many stars would I rate it??? Well… all the stars of sky re kya 😛

Now and then

I walk today,

New day I might not!

I may lie on the ground,

Cold and straight, disciplined!

Not moving …Still!

That picture of me I fear,

Fear the most and fear of all.

I reckon writing this,

Remembering that will help;

Help me be the same me,

My own self that I am now.

Hope I will be able to see,

See my love with eyes closed.

Hold hand of my best friend,

Feel the hug of hers’,

Without stretching my arms.