Court Martial ; A poetic Justice

COURT-MARTIAL04-copy_20131127092210Tomorrow you go and watch the play !!! Just GO!!! (if I had the power, I could push you or drag you to the THEATRE VILLAGE)… Now you might have the idea of the height of “must-watch” I am talking about…

Well, I always wanted to go and watch a play at theatre since I don’t know when and mero rahar ko suruwat happened with an amazing play. It was just amazing experience, trust me it truly was.The theatre itself was a WOW place, like a part of an act. You buy your tickets(200,300,500- well I don’t really think the seating really matters 😛 except the seat, 500 ko ma chair types cha ani 200 n 300 ko ma bench, like school type) ,after the ticket buying step no.2 is you stay at the line, then “tyangggggggggggg” the bell rings(paley dai le school ma bajauney types) , and then you get to enter the dark hall. I was like a kid with chocolate in her hand (yay yay yay bhairathyo) with that ticket in my hand. I took a seat, then looked around, everyone there were excited (you could be as well , so gooooo and watch it). Then spotlight dhyangggaaaaaa balcha, focusing Mr. Rajesh Hamal, man he is awesome! Well , I am not telling you the story and spoiling your fun. To the start of an act you hear this song and do you know what happens??? GOOSEBUMPSSSSS… then you start singing along…Rato ra Chandra surya jangi nishani hamro… ( I always wonder why is this not our national song, national anthem is written all over the song :P). I see the actors- Captain Bikash ko tyo mandha muskan and his true self… Dactar Gold medalist ko funny acting … Major ko ki Kernel Rana ko persistent proudness … there are so many to appreciate but I would not miss Ram bahadur. Ram Bahadur was like a real person(not that they are not real) … so real that he made my eyes cry (I didn’t).

What surprised me was, each of the actors, even the one who had no dialogues were so absorbed in the character. I was cross checking the actors, every one was so so khatra actors. You know how every movie these days have item songs or any songs in middle of the drama. The play had two songs and I just loved it with all my heart; especially the line saying something meaning – all you’ ve got to do to search Nepal is look into your heart. I don’t know why cheesy lines make me emotional.The dialogues have depth in them and the social issue(I won’t reveal the suspense here) has been projected magnificiently.Nevertheless, what I am saying is the play is worth watching. Don’t miss this chance! If you ask me how many stars would I rate it??? Well… all the stars of sky re kya 😛

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